​​​​San Ignacio Vistas, Inc.


*Both sub-committees initiate and oversee bids and contracts

Landscape Sub-committee:

E-mail: landscape@sivhoa.org 
Joyce Bulau, Chair

Barry Bishop,  Special Projects 

Jeff DeVaney

Mike Johnson, Special Projects

Eileen MacLaren, Bufflegrass


Maintain the Long Range Landscape Plan that covers common area landscape, erosion mitigation and drainage, tree program, spraying Bufflegrass & weeds, railings, street sweeping, monument maintenance (lighting/ painting). 

Road Sub-committee:  

E-mail: roads@sivhoa.org 
Pat Imgrund, Chair
Randy Aronson​

Larry Engel

Duane Felstet

John Haymond

Lee Kochan


Review and recommend Road repairs and sealing.

Review condition of curbs, sidewalks, traffic/road signs and reflectors.