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To comply with safety and emergency requirements we are asking that you provide your tenant(s) with a copy of the Rental Occupancy Form, which can be downloaded from the above link, whenever you rent your home in San Ignacio Vistas.
Examples requiring the need for this information 1) being able to advise residents of changes in garbage pick-up or maintenance which might involve road closures, and 2) in the event of a disaster authorities will know which homes are occupied.   Another benefit in providing this information, it will enable us to send your tenant invitations to participate in social functions being held while they are renting.   
You may choose to complete the rental form yourself or send it to your tenant when you give them their rental agreement.  Options for returning the form are included at the bottom of the form.  

We remind you that according to HUD, at least one of the people occupying the property must be age 55 or older and that no person under the age of 19 will be residing in the property for longer than one month during a calendar year.

Please make your tenants aware guidelines for Owners and Renters as contained in the Owners Handbook which is available on our website so that they can comply with all regulations.

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